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Buy quality approved Soya Poultry Feed, Fresh Broiler Feed, etc., here!
About Us

Poulcare Pharma Pvt. Ltd., is an outstanding concern ushered many years ago in De Oiled Cakes, Packed Poultry Feed, etc., field. Our manufacturer based business concern has approached this area of operation for making monumental profits by entertaining clients emerging demands maintaining higher focus upon extraordinary quality. 

Our extensively modern infrastructure setting arrives as our central aspect behind growing importance in this section. We have required machines and tools supported with ultramodern technology to well manage different quantity based orders. Our manufacturing employees have needed knowledge to use these tools and machines in the best manner maintaining heavy concentration on super right quality. 

The profound study undertaken by them for apprehending customers present-day needs assists in heading towards absolute success. Our Hajipur, (Bihar, India) settled business concern meets demands related to Maize Poultry Feed, Starter Crumbs Higrow Broiler Poultry Feed, Soya De Oiled Cake and many more products. 

What Keeps Us Growing?

Cited factors aid us to well maintain strong growth in business and approach financial success with zero wastage:

  • Applying Advanced Manufacturing Ways 
  • Believing In Modern Views
  • Boosting Perfect Business Relationships
  • Chasing Right Values & Traditions
  • Employing Innovative Testing Procedure
  • Huge Respect For All

A True Partner: Why Us?

Our corporation formed in 2002 is making phenomenal progress in this area of operation due to coming ahead in many markets as a true partner. Below give are basic yet prime reasons encouraging our image as a true and loyal partner:

  • Simple payment process allows more and more amazing and wonderful buyers to link with us
  • Availability of sufficient stock enables at matching quick orders requests without break
  • Maintaining a nominal price structure to match requests of customers with different financial backgrounds
  • Exercise sheer progressive and safe packaging methods for excellent shipping process

Our Modern Delivery Procedure

Just same as others, we desire in appearing massively successful in this domain. Hence, our business concern encourages modern procedure concerning delivery. We choose the safest mediums to make sure our orders are reaching in the best status to final destinations. Our experts give large attention to packaging and makes sure every order has required details on it. Our business concern takes support of super safe shipment modes for delivering Soya De Oiled Cake,  Maize Poultry Feed and other items. 

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